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Formerly: Anishinaabe Essentials Co.

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We Welcome All Ethnicities

Anishinaabe Essentials welcomes all people of any ethnicity who want to support our business. We hold our hands up to those who want to purchase products and wear Anishinaabemowin artworks. Our belief is, "it is not cultural appropriation if you are supporting an individual entrepreneur"  


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Inside Anishinaabe
Essentials Co

Mikaw Debwewin / Find Truth

AnishinaabeEssentialsCo was born to rejuvenate the Anishinaabe Language in a fun and unique way. My hopes are that my brand will reach communities throughout the native country. My dream is to show people there is a better way of life, free of drugs and alcohol. A life our Anishinaabe ancestors lived. To inspire the younger generation to continue learning and preserving their language and culture.

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